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About Ron

Ron Turpin is a Christ-follower, conservative businessman and a community leader that has a history of delivering positive results. In the State House he will fight for fiscal responsibility, preservation of local decision making vs. State control, reform of out-of-control state agencies, and strengthening of our local infrastructure, including revitalization of our rural communities. A family man and a man of faith, Ron will defend our conservative Hoosier values of faith, family, and freedom.

Ron and his wife, Kathy have been blessed all of their married life to call Allen County home where they raised their two children, Madi and Cameron (both currently students at Taylor University).

Ron has spent most of his career working in finance, and if elected would be the only CPA in the State Senate. Currently, Ron serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Head of Civic Engagement at Ambassador Enterprises, one of the largest companies headquartered in Northeast Indiana, with over 3000 employees and $1 billion of revenue as of 2021. Previously, he held executive-level tenures at Lincoln Financial Group and Gibson Insurance. Ron is a certified public accountant, graduate of the Indiana University School of Law and admitted to the Indiana Bar.

In addition to his role with Ambassador, he has been a strong advocate for education, serving on the IPFW Community Advisory Board, the University of Saint Francis Board of Trustees, and the Nazarene Theological Seminary. Currently, Ron is a member of the East Allen County School board and an adjunct faculty member at Taylor University.

He has served as a board member for almost two dozen local, regional and statewide philanthropic organizations. He has provided leadership to organizations such as the Indiana Natural Disaster Relief Fund and Fort Wayne Legacy Committee. He also was recently elected as Chair of the Northeast Indiana Strategic Development Commission.

Faith is central to the Turpin’s, with Ron and Kathy investing the last 25 years in their local church, Grace Point Church of the Nazarene. During these years they have led a variety of ministries that support families and young children. Ron also has served for many years as an adult Sunday School teacher where he loves to help build his, and his class’, faith journey.


Fiscal responsibility and transparency – As a fiscal conservative, CPA and CFO, Ron knows how to balance a checkbook and the importance of living within our means. Ron will fight for honestly balanced budgets, low taxes, and transparency within our government.

Fighting for Life – As a father and Advisory board member of Northeast Indiana Right to Life Ron believes everyone has the fundamental right to life including the unborn. He will fight for pro-life legislation to protect the unborn.

Defending family and religious freedom – The Bill of Rights lists religious liberty as the first freedom for a reason. Ron believes faith and family are the foundations of our society and will vigorously defend our religious beliefs and rights.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment – As a gun owner and member of the NRA, Ron opposes any regulations to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners. He will protect Hoosiers’ ability to hunt and defend themselves and their families.

Government efficiency and reform – In the State Senate, Ron will use his 25+ year business experience to work to cut red tape and make it easier for Hoosiers to-do business In the State of Indiana.

Improving our quality of life – As founding board chair of Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. and Chair of the Northeast Regional Strategic Commission, Ron plays an influential role in continuing our record-breaking job and population growth in the Northeast region. He’s committed to growing our local economy and improving our quality of life; while doing so in a way that has more private, and less public, dollars being invested.

Advocating for education – Ron has been a strong advocate for public and private education as an adjunct faculty member at Taylor University, a trustee of two Christian Colleges and a member of the East Allen County School board. He believes it is parents, and not the government, who know best where their children should be educated. Ron also will help lead the charge of reform at the Indiana Department of Education to ensure our children are protected from doctrines and materials that run counter to our Hoosier values.

Preserving home-rule and local control – Ron believes that the government closest to the people governs best. He will support legislation that preserves home-rule and gives greater local control and tools to local elected officials while ensuring that the government works for the people, rather than the other way around.

Protecting our Rural Communities – As a 10-year 4-H’er who started his professional life as an Extension Educator, Ron has spent much of his life in our rural communities. He knows the value that farmers bring to Indiana and will work to ensure their voices are heard and valued in the Legislature. He will also work to ensure that our rural communities have the investments necessary to grow and thrive into the future.

Enhancing our infrastructure – Ron is committed to enhancing the infrastructure of our bridges, highways, roads, trails, waterways, and broadband deployment. These investments are critical to our statewide economy and growing our local communities.

Protecting our Children and Supporting Families – The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) is broken and throwing additional millions of dollars of our tax money won’t solve the issue. Ron will advocate for DCS reform and create partnerships within the business, philanthropy/faith community, and government to support our at-risk youth.

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